About Title Plates

Allyson's Title Plates

It was 1975 when Dick Allyson began engraving title plates for Artists. His commitment to custom-engraving with a 72-hour turn-around and a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE resulted in a loyal base of customers. Every plate came with the requisite brads or screws necessary for a properly mounted title plate. Today we share Dick’s same commitment to excellence and customer service. You will still find his classically inspired designs on our website today.


In 1999 Allyson’s Title Plates took to the internet as titleplates.com. Over time, Dick expanded beyond rotary engraving and added laser-engraved wooden title plates. In 2017, Dick had a notion to hand-off his Title Plates Empire. The baton is now passed to a new team. We moved the business to Harvard, Massachusetts with a strong commitment to continue supporting artists, crafters and others who wish to enhance their works with our title plates!

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