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Declare your inspiration right on the frame!

Title Plates

Declare Your Inspiration Right on the Frame!


Welcome to Title Plates!

Serving artists, collectors and galleries since 1975! We have committed ourselves to offering high-quality custom, engraved art nameplates to our customers. These plates are perfect for use on picture frames, shadow boxes, memorials, and other art projects. Our selection is unparalleled! We can be your one-stop shop for art nameplates as we offer gold satin, black, and nickel silver brass nameplates, wood, and the legendary 23k gold leaf nameplates. From the beginning, you are in the driver's seat! We allow you to customize your art nameplates to their fullest potential as we permit you to choose the material, size, shape, text, font, and attachment method. We even allow for custom engravings if desired! Start browsing our product catalogs or check out our resources page for more information.


All Title Plates are engraved free of charge

Are competitively priced

Are made from the finest materials available

Shipment is guaranteed within 72 hours of receipt of payment

Buy 6 plates and get the 7th plate FREE!

Plates come with extra brads or screws FREE!

Offer plates in many sizes, finishes, and attachments

Custom engravings and font types available per request