Standard Font Offerings

Our titleplates website offers 12 standard fonts for your art nameplates. These fonts cover a range of styles that are most sought after for nameplates. If you want to special order a font, let us know and we will try to accommodate your request. When entering your order, be sure to type your text exactly the way you wish to see it. We will only capitalize the letters that you capitalize.

Available Fonts

All Caps Can Be Problematic

A good rule of thumb is to never use ALL CAPS when the specified font is one of the Scripts such as Victoria, or Single Line Script. They tend to become difficult to read. If, however, you decide that you really want ALL CAPS and a scripted font, go ahead and we will produce it as you specify it.

Font Sizing

Our goal is to produce a title plate that is appropriately proportional. By default when there are two or more lines of text we will make the first line in a larger sized font than the following lines. When there is a third line it will, by default, be the same font size as the second line. If you desire to have all lines be the same sized font, let us know as part of the order.

Different Size
Different Font Sizes On Top And Bottom Lines
Same Size
Same Size Font On Top And Bottom Lines

Engravable Fonts vs. True Type Fonts

Engravable fonts are sometimes not the exact fonts we are used to seeing on computers and websites. Many commercial mechanical engravers utilize font definitions which optimize individual passes of the cutting tool. TrueType fonts which are typically used for computing and websites are optimized for readability and ink-processing. Laser engraving processes are able to leverage TrueType fonts. Mechanical engravers can also cut TrueType fonts though not nearly as crisp as a laser can.

We at can leverage both mechanical and laser based processes. Furthermore, we have identified several TrueType fonts which closely resemble the appearance of detailed mechanical fonts producing the fine strokes associated with classically engraved scripts. By default, we will be engraving and marking using laser-based processes but if you desire old-school, mechanically engraved nameplates let us know and we will make it happen for you!

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