Attaching Nameplates

Titleplates' Mounting Options For Artwork

When applying a nameplate onto artwork, the three most common methods of attachment are adhesives, nails or brads, and screws. The adhesive method is sometimes used in combination with brads or screws. Users must first consider how best to complement and preserve the integrity of the object that is being nameplated. Other variables to take into account include the thickness of the nameplate, whether it needs to be mounted on a flat or curved surface, and whether outgassing and acid release needs to be minimized.


There are many adhesive formulations available in the marketplace. Special adhesive formulations can take into account factors such as:

  • How smooth or porous the surface material is - think of wood vs. metals
  • Whether the material has a high-surface energy (smooth metal surfaces) or a low-surface energy (smooth plastic or powder coat painted surfaces)
  • Whether outgassing needs to be managed - Acid Free tapes and Under Glass Mounts
  • Temperature exposures and fluctuations
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor exposure
  • Thickness and handling - 2 sided tapes have a carrier material which can add thickness and structural strength while transfer tapes are thinner and consist of the adhesive only


3M ATG 415 Double Sided Tape

One of our offered adhesives - this utilizes the 3M 400 Series adhesive on both sides of a polyester carrier. It is a versatile, permanent acrylic adhesive that bonds together a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, metals, glass, and HSE (high surface energy) plastics. This versatility is why it is our default adhesive of choice.

3M ATG 908 Acid Free Transfer Tape

The second adhesive we carry - this is one of the few tapes that are specified and tested for Acid Free performance. The 3M 908 is photo safe in accordance with both Black – and – White Photographic Activity Tests and Color Photographic Activity Tests (per ANSI IT9.16). This product has a pH between 7.0 and 8.5. This tape is intended for general purpose applications for holding most paper, foil, film, metal, printed surfaces, glass and sealed wood including such as matting and framing pictures, artwork and documents.

Brass Brads


Our solid brass brads are 18 gauge (outer diameter of about 0.049 inches) and a length of 3/8 inches. Depending on the material you may or may not need to pre-drill a pilot hole. We supply a few extra brads so that a dropped brad doesn’t turn into a lost cause. We offer brads in satin brass which are for satin brass and black brass nameplates, as well as nickel brass for the nickel brass nameplates.

Brass Screws

Our standard brass screws are ¼ inch length #2 gauge (3/32 inch diameter) pan head screw. We recommend pre-drilling a pilot hole using a 1/16 inch diameter straight drill bit. We supply a few extra screws so that a dropped screw doesn’t turn into a lost cause. We offer solid brass screws with a brass finish and nickel brass where appropriate.


If you have any other questions when it comes to attaching your nameplate, give us a call here at during regular business hours and we will assist you.

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